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Tips to make your life simple now

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Life is simple as it is but the fact is that, normally, human beings don't live life as it is and that's what complicates your reality. Here follows some tips to allow you to simplify your reality.

Stop the bitterness
When you compare yourself with others, mostly with the ones that have more than you do, or things that you wished to have, the result of that comparison is bitterness. You resent that life don't allow you to have as much as they do and you believe that you are not as lucky as they are. Doing this only keeps you away from the source of where lies the solutions you've been searching for. That is within you, while you keep your focus outward, you won't realize that you already have what you wished for. 

It is always you
No one else is responsible for your life, other than yourself. And responsible means not guilty, but 'response able' to whatever happens in your reality. If it happens in your reality you are capable to deal with it, because your essence has accepted it yet. Your life is entirely yours to live, other persons can give opinions about what's best for you and what they would've done, but it is up to you to live it, so do it. Listen what others tells you, filter it all and act upon your best.

Stop overthinking 
Thinking is natural in this human experience, but it is not all of it. You are much more than what you think you are. Thoughts occur in you, you are the unlimited space where they happen, so don't give them too much power over you. When you start overthinking you get stuck, you don't know what to do, you're confused. When that happens, just stop and breathe. Observe thoughts coming and going. And all comes to place.

Trust life
Life is here to support you, because life is what you are, it ain't something that happens to you. All happens for a reason and each step leads to the next one, but you can't avoid what is for you to experience. One way or another you'll have to deal with whatever you have to deal until you learn what is there to learn. That's the point of life to be aware of it self through all this experiences. Just trust in the process and flow with it.

It is as it is
Accepting what is is simple, but you think you can control what is, and thinking is complex, is complicated. Believing that you can control your life and the way it plays, can only produce suffering, because you can't control nothing, even if it seems, sometimes that you can. It is illusory. Trying to force life to be as you think it should be, is choosing to go at war with yourself. If that is your case, it is okay, don't worry, you can now choose again. You can choose differently, you can choose to  trust in life, to let it guide you. Listen your heart and you'll know what to do. Try it, just for now.

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