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The right moment to choose

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You are much more than the idea you have of you, this idea is a limitation, it conditions what you perceive of yourself and of your life. Life and yourself are the same, there's no separation between you and what you feel as your life. While believing to be a body and the mind controlling it you will be at war with reality, you face a grate deep of struggling against what is, trying to make it as you think it should be.

What you think life should be is what stops you from realizing how simple and perfect everything is.

This doesn't mean that only good things, from a human perspective, is allowed to happen in a so simple and perfect reality. Because what you dean as bad for you, is also what makes you question things, is what makes you be more aware of who you really are.

It is the things you see as bad that makes you appreciate better the good ones. When things doesn't happen the way you wish, it means that better things for your evolution will happen. Whatever happens is good for you in a sense that allows you to enter in touch with your inner reality. 

The things you've been ignoring in you, be it consciously or unconsciously, will come up in your reality in different forms, until you deal with them directly. Whatever happens in your reality it already has been accepted by your essence, otherwise it wouldn't happen. 

And you have the resources to deal with it, even when it doesn't seems so, because you are much more stronger than you think you are. You realize that by overcoming the difficult challenges that life presents you.

Whatever happens in your reality is experience to you, it isn't against you, nothing happens in order to diminish you. To your essence nothing can harm it, because all happens in it, essence embraces everything without judgment. Essence doesn't know good or bad, it knows things as they are, essence knows no concepts, nothing limits essence.

Essence is life, you are life and life is simple, yet what you think about life is complex. Thought is complex, is complicated, when you are fully attached to it. But you are the space where thought arises and thought comes and goes, while you remain the same. Be aware of thoughts, notice the space between thoughts.

Thoughts have the power you allow them, they can limit or empower your human experience, you choose. And you can make that choice at every moment, whatever  you choose, it is okay and the good news is that you can choose again, moment by moment.

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