segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2015

Be aware of the small things

When you don't value small things you cannot value the big ones also. You keep yourself busy pursuing big goals you've set for yourself, you create high expectations, but this same expectations are the ones that will render you frustration. 

Expectations are stories you create about how your life should be, how people should act and this can only limit your perception of the infinite possibilities that exist in your life. When you are expecting nothing you allow life to surprise you. 

Life is there to support you, to guide you, even when things appear to be bad for you, they will lead you to a greater good. Just trust it is so.

Trust is, all about believing that whatever happens it is for your well being and it will come up great for you. It happens only what you are capable to deal with and evolve form it. Trust ain't needed when things go exactly the way you think they should go and you like it. Trust is needed when you are being tested, when probation comes and you have it or not.

Being able to trust means that sometimes you are vulnerable, because you don't know everything, you can't control it all and to be in that position requires a lot of strength. Vulnerability is mostly seen as weakness,but it is quite the opposite, only a strong person allows itself to be vulnerable before life. 

Only a strong person can make the decision to let go of control, to let go the idea of being in charge and not knowing what comes next. Are you willing to see that person in you? Because it is there, within you.

Letting go of control doesn't mean to stay put and do nothing. No, what it means is doing what you do, you allow yourself to see things as they are, you allow yourself to see other people as they are, with their ideas, their fears and expectations too, without trying to change them, to force them to be and act the way you think they should.

Doing that you are not jeopardize by them, but you are recognizing that you are free. 

Free of what they may think of you, free of theirs acceptance and need to please them. When you stop trying to change others and focus on changing the way you deal with them and the way you perceive your role in this human experience, the changes naturally happen in your life.

Be aware of the small things you take for granted and they will show you how happy you already are, how perfect you already are, being yourself. It is the simplest thing in the world for you, to be you. Because you cannot be different from what you really are. 

You can only be deluded about how you perceive yourself and how much you need stuffs and people to act in a certain way, in order to be happy. But it doesn't change what you are in essence. You hold the key for a happy life here and now, not tomorrow, now. 

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