sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2015

Just be here now

Every one is on their own path and they act accordingly with what they have to experience, what they have to learn. And in doing so, nothing happens for no reason. Whatever happens in our human experience has already been accepted in essence. Otherwise it would not happen. It is as it is, be it accepted by you or not, it still is.

You can pick a war against reality, trying to change it, trying to force it to be as you think it should be. But you will loose every single time, until you give up and give in to what is. It need not to be so complicated, because it is simple as it is. You will realize that by stopping to complicating it with your attachment to thoughts.

Thoughts arise within you, but they are not you, unless you allow yourself to be fully identified with them.

You are the one holding the answers you have been looking for. This "you" is not the you, you believe to be. The "you" you believe to be is the ego, a limited story occurring within your real you. But the idea here is not to try to understand it, to rationalize it, in doing so, you are,once more, complicating it, you are letting the ego control.

Your essence need not to understand anything, because it is all and whole.

Your essence also embraces ego. The ego is practical in this human experience, it allows you to function in the daily chores. But when you are fully attached  to it, you begin to complicate things, you believe to be limited and living in a scarce world fitted only for the best and strongest and then your troubles start to occur.

Because when you think to be only this body and personality, the separation seems the only reality, it is you and them. Always in need to choose what is good for you even if someone may get hurt in the process. It makes you believe that you live in a jungle and you have to "kill" or be killed. And someone or something in the universe conspires against you, if your are not alert all the time.

The solution is simple because you are not in danger whatsoever, no matter what happens in this human experience your essence remains perfect as it is. Accepting reality as it is, letting it be as it is, in the way you look at it, the way you perceive it, presents you the solution for everything.

This means that you carry on with this human experience, but more lightly, more aware of what happens moment to moment, knowing that you are connected to it all, you are it all in essence. 

And yes struggles will arise, what you consider problems will appear, you still feel joy and sadness. But it is as it is, and it will pass, it will change, all is temporary. Your essence is not temporary, it is limitless, it is timeless. Just be here now.

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