segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2015

Stop taking yourself too seriously

Life happens now and only now, but as humans we are so self-centered in ourselves, in this personality we believe to be, that we are missing our life as it is. Life is not something that happens to you, and sometimes it is good and others it is bad, but it is all of it, you. 

Be it perceived as good or bad, or some other way, be present to seize it all. Because living life rejecting life is what causes, what you judge as troubles. Whenever you reject something you are really rejecting yourself. 

The purpose of this human experience is what is happening moment by moment, from our human perspective. As humans we do not grasp it all, we can not see the big picture, where we would see how perfect it is and how everything happens as it have to happen and we may see it or not.

As humans we see ourselves as separate from each other, we think that we have to compete to be the best in a scarce world, where there is not enough for everybody and only the strongest survive. And we do that in much levels, even the smallest  things in order to defend ourselves, this idea of ourselves. 

When someone says something that we do not like, we take it as an attack to us, as a threat and we respond fiercely, but we could see it differently. We could use it to know ourselves better. When someone says something about us or manifests a opinion that we disagree, it means that in some level it exists in us, because reality is a mirror of what abides within.

Doing so we will realize that we are this space of awareness where all this experiences happen. We will realize how peaceful we are when nothing happening outwards affects us in what we are in essence.

Because our essence is perfect and immutable, remembering that we free ourselves to seize each moment of this human life as it is. Be it good or bad, all of it is us. Stop taking yourself too seriously, you are not what you think you are, so there is no point in suffering so much to defend this idea of personality.

Stop the war against what is, against what you are. You are the sole responsible for what happens in your life. Meaning that you have the ability to deal with whatever happens, otherwise it would not occur. Responsibility is not the same as blame, be aware. 

Deepen your understanding of what you are, question what you take for granted like the idea that you are what you think you are. You are not your thoughts. They occur in you but they are not you. Detaching from thoughts, not avoiding them, but being aware that they are not limitations for you, unless you allow it.

Thoughts creates this internal dialog that you are so used to, that it is incessant, you are so attached to it that you accept as truth what they say to you. They delude your attention from what is. You are not living your life, but the perception of it. And this creates discomfort, this generates what you dean as problems, when reality is something different from what you think it should be, as you desired it to be.  

Allow yourself to live life as it is, as you are. Just for now. try it.

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