segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2015

Life is harder until you accept it

Life is harder for you when you decide do confront it instead of accepting it as it is. Because when you fight against life you are fighting against you. You are life, all of it, be it perceived as good or bad for you, it still you. Good occurrences ain't better than the bad ones, only your judgment make it so.

When you truly know who you are in essence the need of rejection ends, no matter what happens in your human experience.

Knowing yourself lets you find the peace within to seize whatever form your reality may take. And you know that, comes what may, you still perfect as you are in essence. From your human point of view, that is limited, it doesn't mean that you will never feel sad or angry again. No, what it means is that you allow yourself to experience it fully, you learn from it and carry on your life, being present to whatever it brings you.

Embracing your life moment to moment, you enrich yourself, leaving nothing out of it. Giving your best, knowing that you need not to compare yourself with anyone else and what you think that they may think of you doesn't matter. It matters only what you think of yourself, it matters only the attention you assign to your thoughts and how attached to them you are.

Thoughts are deceiving because they are limited and when you question them you will see their real nature and yours also. You are this unlimited space where they occur, you are prior to any thought and you remain present when they go away.

Just be aware, notice whatever may came into your attention with detachment and all is okay.

When in doubt just let your intuition guide you, trust your essence to show you the way. Love is always the answer that lightens your path in this human experience. And the good news is that you don't need to believe this in order for it to be real and take care of you.

Life is flowing constantly, let it be and go with it.

Focus in what you can control, like your attention, like dealing with your emotions, like how you choose to respond to whatever happens. And let go what you cannot control like what others think or do. Like how life unfolds to you and the next one. Let be what you cannot control and you will see how simple all is and perfect also.

From you it is asked only to be present, aware of yourself and loving it all, because you are love, nothing is lacking in you, nothing is happening outside of you and to you. You are all and whole.

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