sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2015

The power of forgiveness is there for you to use it

Forgiveness is powerful, it has nothing to do with other people, it is all about yourself, about the way you see yourself in relation with others and the power you allow them to have on you. You forgive the way you let others affect you and the way you put yourself in a shell in order to protect this idea of you.

By forgiving it does not mean that you accept what someone did to you, but you decide not to relive it on and on. You decide to stop the war against yourself and free yourself to live fully in the present moment, aligned with your heart, with your soul.

Whatever they did to you did not happen by chance, in itself it had something to teach you about yourself, it was a wake-up call in order for you to evolve your awareness about the real you. Because your body and mind, this idea of you, the ego, can be damaged but your true self, your essence cannot be damaged in anyway.

And you ask, did I need to have such an experience to evolve my awareness?

Yes and it is so, because it happened. If it happens it is okay, life knows best. But you could perhaps avoid it if you were focused in the now and aware of the signs that life gives you all the time. Life is always talking to us, it guides us if we allow it.

When we resist what is, we may have to experience rough situations in order to realize that we are getting away from our course, from our path. But the good news is that it is okay, whatever happens is okay and it was already accepted by our essence.

You decide in each moment whether to flow with life or try to go against it. It is a decision of simplification or complication of it all. In itself life is simple, it is our perception of it that can be complicated or not. 

But perceptions are just ideas floating within our mind and being detached from them allows us to get a higher perspective of it and realize that we are not what we think we are, we are not those stories. Observing it and letting it be as it is will lead us to the answers we have been looking for.

There is no big secret to unveil. The purpose of life, of this human experience, is life itself. Is consciousness being conscious of itself. It as simple as that. To figure it out as that simple and accept it, is the big challenge we face as humans. We like to complicate things by trying to fix it, by trying to make it our way, when it is already perfect as it is.

Just love it as it is, as you are and forgive yourself for having not seen that already. Now is always a good time to realize that. Do it.

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