sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2016

Walk the talk

It is very important for you to walk the talk, not the talk you are used from your ego, this limited personality you believe to be, but to walk the talk coming from your essence, from your heart.

Relying only in what you listen from ego, you will believe to be separate from everything else, you believe to be someone at mercy of life, you believe life to be something that happens to you, that sometimes it is good for you and most of the time it is hard.

Ego makes you believe that you are never enough, that you have to try harder and harder chasing some idealized goals that will never satisfy you. The ego point is "search and do not find", even when you find yourself achieving some of your defined goals, new ones arrive in order to keep you on the chase.

This is its main drive to keep you distracted from your real self, from realizing that whatever you believe to be missing you, you already are it. Your essence needs no improvement, it is perfect as it is. You will realize that by knowing yourself, by remembering who you really are.

I want to call your attention that ego is not your enemy, it is as it is, it is its natural state to be as it is and it is helpful in many things you need to operate in this human experience. Things may come more difficult to you when you are attached and limited by ego.

Realizing that ego is part of you but not all of you, is relevant for you to seize better this human experience with lesser suffering. And it is important to set you free to embrace whatever comes in your way. Whatever happens it has been already accepted by your essence, otherwise it would not occur.

There is no need to reject whatever occurs, what you reject gains power over you and condition your attention, makes you believe and feel lesser than you really are, makes you feel resentful with other humans.

You know all that I am writing in this post, it is not new for you, it is maybe forgotten, but you know all this, look for it within, sense it, not with your mind, but with your heart.

Start walking the talk of your essence, the universe, life, God, whatever name suits you better, and flow comes natural to you. You will realize that everything is supposed to be as it is, all is part of you, all is perfect as it is.

Life is simple, you are simple and only you can seem to complicate what you are, what your life is. And if it is your case now,do not worry, you are always in time to fix it, to choose to be as you are, so simple and perfect as you are, because you can not not be as you are. Look at it, walk it, just for now.

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