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4 Tips to ease your life

Your life, as all human life, is simple. And it can be, from your point of view, easy or hard to live. It is simple because it is as it is and it lacks nothing, even the material things you believe lacks you, in fact it does not lack, otherwise you would have them. In itself life is whole and all and you are it, your essence is it. But the purpose of this human experience is for your to live in duality and overcome the challenges life brings you. In doing so you will realize how strong you are and how resourceful you really are. 

But you are thinking okay what you tell maybe true but my life feels like very difficult right now. Let me give you four tips to ease your life experience.

Take a break

No matter how difficult your life may feel right now allow yourself to take a break and notice what you are feeling, notice the way your body is talking to you, notice how your reality is talking to you. The idea of carrying on the struggle in order to face reality and go against the stream, will take you nowhere. Life will always win, because it is as it is supposed to be, the perception of it can be changed, but life cannot be changed. And if you are feeling overwhelmed means that you are rejecting hard your reality right now and reality is calling your attention in order for you to set the right path again. Just take a break listen to life, let it guide you in the right direction, it knows best.

Stop comparing yourself with other persons

Each life is unique, your challenges are unique and when you compare yourself with others you don't hold all information about what they had to overcome in order to be in their position. If they seam to you to be in a better position than yourself, and it makes you feel that they don't deserve or you don't deserve too be so low compared with them. It will only make you feel worse and wont get you better. So instead focus in yourself, in what you had already achieved and be grateful about it, no matter how few it may seam, just be grateful and you know what? Life will give you more reasons to be grateful for. Comparing with others only makes you waste your energy that you need to use living your life as it is and doing so you will realize that it lacks nothing.

Be more mindful

Being mindful means to be present in the now, to hold life in your hands appreciating it as it is. Being mindful allows you to direct your attention to what is really important, to what matters most in your human experience, because no one else can live your life for you, they can have a lot of opinions about your life, but it is you who have to live it and face the consequences of it.  Being mindful allow you to realize that life supports you, it is there to guide you, to show you the way that betters suit you. When you are mindful you can notice thoughts appearing in your mind and not being overwhelmed by them. They come and go, your essence remains as it is. When you are attached to thoughts you may enter in a stream of worries that drain your energy away. Just be aware of them and choose what you give your attention to. Being mindful allow you that.

Remember to breathe 

You are alive, your breath tells you so. When you feel overwhelmed just breathe, notice the air coming in, slowly and then going out slowly. It is life in its purest form. You take it for granted, only when facing disease and having troubling breathing you remember how important it is, the air you breathe. Noticing the breathing allows you to be mindful, to be present in the moment, now. And now it is the only real moment, it is the one that holds all options, all resources for you to use. Do not skip this moment, now, be here, fully aware and you will see how different your perception of life will be.
And it is easy to do it, it is natural, you do not control it, it unfolds naturally as it is. As all life is, life is natural, no one controls it, only an illusion of control may arise in you, but it is just that, an illusion. Wake up from it, be here now, fully aware and all it is okay. 

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