sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2016

Elevate your frequency, elevate your reality

It is paramount known from multiple sources that everything is energy vibrating, you are energy vibrating in low frequencies ens the illusion of matter. But being fully attached to this limited idea of personality, the ego, you forget what reality is and then you do not use your co-creator power.

You create what you experience in your human life, it all happens first within and then appears without. But being focused in the external world you believe to be at mercy of this external reality, you believe to be under the influential drive of destiny without being able to have a say about it.

The good news is that as you created this illusion of helplessness you can decide to take over the steering wheel of your human experience. Be aware of your inner dialog, what you've been telling yourself about who you are and your role in life. Observe it without trying to control it.

Whatever you resist will persist in your reality until you face it fully, accept it and let it go.

Life is perfect as it is, nothing should be different from what it is. The only difference that matters to you, that will change everything to you, is the way you relate with your reality. The manner you deal with what you perceive as your life, will determine what you experience.

This human experience is made of duality. It is this duality that allows you to grow, to evolve. It is natural to experience a wide range of sensations, of emotions in order to enrich your awareness. What you classify as problems in your life comes from what you reject in your life, from what is different of what you thought was supposed to happen.

This rejection of parts of your life is rejecting parts of yourself. But you cannot reject what you are, no matter how hard you try. What you are you cannot change. You can change only what you think you are. Because you are not what you think you are. Just be aware of your thinking, you are the one observing it, you are the space where thoughts appear and not thoughts itself.

Your mind knows no difference between what you think as real or not, it knows only frequencies, whatever frequency you are vibrating will resonate in your reality, will project what you experience in your reality. If you are not happy with your current reality change your frequency, elevate it and your reality will change accordingly.

Give more of what you wish to receive in your life. If you want more love, give love, love others as they are, even when they don't behave as you think they should. If you criticize, you are lowering your energy frequency and receiving more of that in your life. 

Be wishing well to others, be nice to them, they are equally dealing with their inner struggles as you are. What they do tell of them, what you do tell of yourself. You can only give what exist in you, what you are. Give love, give peace and life will give you plenty of evidences of that to you.

You are abundant, even when you focus in less abundant thoughts, your essence remains abundant, remains perfect as it is and nothing can change that.

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