segunda-feira, 29 de julho de 2013

There is nothing you need to do

As human beings we think we need to do a lot of things in order to live our lives, and this neediness of controlling  the way our life should be is the source of all our troubles, all we perceive as being our problems.
Whatever we perceive as problems exist only in our mind, it's all made up by us within and then it's manifested without. If we try to fix it from outward it will come back again an again, even if in different forms.
This things we consider problems, or the problematic persons in our life, are the biggest friends we could have, because they help us to be aware of what we've been putting aside, what we've been ignoring.
But by ignoring them we reinforce their power over us, over our human experience.
It is only when we face the problematic things, when we stop avoiding them that we can learn from them and evolve our awareness of who we truly are.
Of us all it is asked is our willingness, our openness to be as we are, to accept life as it is, and letting life to unfold as it is in us and as us. We are life, life ain't something that happens to us, life is what we are, in all its manifestations.
We get in flow with life, with our essence, by letting go, by allowing whatever life brings us to work in us as it is, whatever it may be, it is all right.
How do I know that?
Because it is what happens, otherwise it wouldn't happen.If it happens it is perfect that it happens and we have within us all the resources we need to deal with whatever life brings us, even if it seems a impossible situation for us, we have the answer for whatever comes, needing only to trust in our perfect essence to guide us trough this human experience.

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