segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013

Truth is

As humans we are always looking for the truth, we search for it in all things, in every situation, even unconsciously.
But the truth we think we want to find ain't even near to the real truth, the truth we look for is one that attests to what we have created, is one that grants reality to the illusory world we created.
We created this world we live in because its all a projection of the beliefs that dwells within us, reality is a mirror of our inside.
This is a limited version of what we are, it is just a story that we keep telling and telling, based in our limited beliefs, that we are just this body and the mind controlling it, we believe to be this character with a given name that we think we have to honor and live up to.
And then we will find evidence that gives meaning to this beliefs we created, but they have meaning to us just because we created them, otherwise we wouldn't believe in them.
Truth, real truth is another thing, it has nothing to do with whatever we created.
Truth is, it can neither be lost, nor sought or found.
It is allover and wherever you are it is there being within you, you can't be apart of it, you can create a story about truth, about you acting upon truth, but you can't change truth.
Truth is unchangeable, is timeless, is unlimited, and even beyond all that, because the human mind can't grasp what truth is, there is no words to explain truth, to speak it.
In order to find truth we just have to stop searching for it, we just have to surrender ourselves to what is, stop trying to control what we think our life's must be and just be as we are.
Stopping wanting to be someone else we think we wish to be and just accepting what we really are, allowing truth to manifest itself.
Truth is and we recognize it or not.

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