sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2014

Allowing peace into your awareness

As humans we seek peace, we seek love and fullness. The good news is that we have all that, we are all that. Whatever we seek, we already have it, we already are it. Our true nature is peaceful, is whole. It lacks nothing. The issue is how aware of it are you.

Our job as humans is to become more aware of our true nature, of our essence. And we do so by living our life as it presents to us. Moment by moment, being present, accepting all of it. Because we are all of it. Whatever we feel to reject in ourselves or in our reality, we are rejecting part of who we are. 

In reality there's nothing to reject, the things we reject are part of us, they appear, they occur in us not to us.

It is this struggling against what we are, with parts of us that keeps our attention away from our true nature, our essence. In fact this separation is just an illusion, it ain't what we think it is. We can't be separate from life, from whatever happen in it. We are life, all of it.

The most difficult persons in our lives and the most difficult experiences we go trough are the ones that can help us more to remember what we truly are and came here to do.

Whatever we resist will persist, we can reject some people and situations, but they will keep on coming toward us, even in different disguises, as different persons, until we face them fully. You have the opportunity in each moment to embrace life in its totality. Just be present to whatever comes, because you are ready to deal with it, you have the resources to handle it. 

How do I know that?

Because it is what happens, if it happens you can deal with it. Otherwise it wouldn't happen. Whatever happens in your human experience you already accepted it in your essence, so don't waste your energy trying to reject it, or changing it into another thing. Just embrace it, learn from it and become more aware of your true nature.

You are perfect as you are, you are pure love, unlimited, unbounded. Just feel it right now, feel the peace within you.

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