segunda-feira, 30 de junho de 2014

Letting go expectations

Expectations keeps you away from the present moment. Expectations are ideas about what you think is the best for you and your reality. You expect things to happen in a certain way, but when it won't you feel bad about it and yourself.

When you create expectations you are limiting yourself, you are creating a box where you force yourself to fit in. You are diverting your attention from the present moment, from now, where you live, where life really happens. 

You are life, it isn't something that happens to you, you are all of it. Life, the bigger you, your essence, knows what's best for you. Let it take care of you. Instead of making plans for life, be here to seize what life have for you to experience, for you to be.

Letting go the need to plan you will realize that all is perfect as it is, all is simple and you already are and have all you could ever need in each moment. There's nothing lacking in you, only a illusion of lack can occur. Just observe that need when it comes, don't attach to it and it will go away, but you remain the same.

Being present in the now means to accept it fully, not just what you feel as good and right for you. Ask yourself if you are willing to feel all your feelings, without exceptions. Because what you judge as bad is also part of you, is also life appearing as you.

Whatever you reject in your life you are rejecting yourself, you are saying no to yourself.

Expect nothing from life, because you have it all, you are it all. Be open to give your best, to give yourself without exceptions and all flows perfectly as always is. Instead of seeking what you can get from life, what you can gain, seek to what you can give, what you have to offer. 

When you give you get the proof that you have it all, I am not talking about just material things, but yourself, your true self. Let go the expectations you created about the person you should be and just be as you are, right now. Know thy self.

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