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5 Tips to simplify your relationship with life

Life is simple, what can appear as complicated is the way we perceive and relate to it. It is the ideas, the thinking about life that is complex. So if you want to change your life just simplify. It is just simple as that and it depends solely on yourself.

How can you simplify your life?

1 Detach from thoughts
Stop focusing your attention fully on thoughts. You are not your thoughts. They happen in you, but they are not you. By observing them you begin to detach from them.

2 Openness
Being open minded allows you to release your attention to the new, to the unknown. Doing always the same things induces the same results. It limits you. Being open you can be surprised by the flowing of life.

3 It is not about things
Materialism isn't the answer. In itself things aren't a problem, but your projection on them to fulfill yourself, can be a problem for you. Because things come and go but what you truly are rests the same.

4 Stop accumulating things
Clear space in your life for the new. First within and then without. Whatever you focus on becomes real for you. It drains your attention. If you release some space, you allow life to unfold better as it should.

5 Accepting what is
It is more simple to accept what is instead of declaring war at it. Reality is always right and wins. Fighting it only drains your energy and attention, but you can't defeat reality. You can't defeat yourself, because you are life, all of it. Life isn't something that happens to you, it is you.

This tips helps you simplify your life and get in the flow with it, with your essence. Listen your intuition, seize the now.

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