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10 Tips to improve your relationship with life

As human you are constantly relating with what you think to be life, and the way you deal with it matters. You can improve your relationship with life, ultimately with yourself, as you are, right now. Is up to you, you have the power to choose. 

So the tips are:

Adjust your perspective
If you don't like the way things are going on in your reality, change your perspective of it and it will change for you. Reality is what you make of it, moment to moment. If you are open to what may come, instead of being rigid defending your ideas of reality, you will be surprised and elevate your awareness. Try it.

Forgive yourself
You are not perfect, you cannot do always the right thing, because there's no right thing, it varies accordingly with whom is perceiving it. Whatever you have done, it is done, do not keep castigating yourself for it, just learn from it and carry on. Forgive yourself, set yourself free from the past and be here now, be present.

Respect yourself
If you want others to respect you, be the first to do it, be the example that others will follow. You deserve respect, no matter what you do, you have a intrinsic value, that no one can diminish, even yourself. Respect your life, you are alive and that is reason enough.

Stop trying to be perfect
As humans we are not perfect, and that is okay, because it is this duality that enables us to experience this human experience fully. You can only know good in contrast with bad, joy in contrast with sorrow, and so on. And you seize it better with detachment,  knowing that in essence you remain as you are, no harm done.

Don't be too hard on yourself
Stop criticizing yourself for being as you are, because you are as you are. You can only change the way you perceive yourself and you do that, not by pushing harder and harder, but by accepting yourself with love. Then change will occur naturally because you let your attention be free to actually see you, as you are.

Accept yourself
This acceptance means not that you stay put, surrendering to immobility, but that you will stop the war to what is and build upon it. Reality is as it is, accepting that, you get in flow with it and simplicity takes place of what was previous a struggle. This struggle comes when you try to control life, when you reject what is, wishing it to be something else.

Soothe yourself
Things are not as bad as you think they are when you are thinking about it. It is the thinking that worries you the most, not the things for itself. Life is simple and thoughts are complex. You are life,not the things you think about life. Soothing yourself you will wider your vision of life and realize that all is okay, no matter what, all is okay.

Do what you love
When you do what you love life seems lighter in your perception and time flows. Allow yourself to be free. And in order to do what you love, it starts by loving what you do now, even if you don't like it much, or nothing at all. It has somethings that you can love and accept and that keeps you in the right path for doing what you love.

Do something nice for someone else
What you give you are receiving, if you want good things coming in your way, start by contributing for others to receive good thing also. It can be simple things as a smile, as a little compliment, as a thank you. When you treat others as you like to be treated, you set an example for them to follow and the universe is there to support you.

Love yourself
Love yourself fully, all of you, be it perceived by you as a flaw or as a good thing. You are all of it. Nothing can be left out. Embrace with love what you are, your shadow and your light. Life is not something that happens to you, it is you, all of it, is you. And you can only love it, because only love is real, all else is just a call for love. Be aware of your loving essence and spread your love. And you'll have more proofs of love in your reality.

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