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Life is better when you embrace it all

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The real challenge that you've to face in life in order to evolve, in order to really know who you are, is all about the way you deal with the occurrences you catalog as negative, as bad. The occurrences you dean as good, are easy to accept and the more the merrier. But they contribute little for your remembering of your true essence.

The occurrences that are uneasy to you, that you rather wanted they wouldn't occur, are the ones that will push you to the limits, they will force you outside your comfort zone. When you are faced with limit situations you are forced to act, you cannot continue to pretend that it ain't real for you.

Nothing in life, in this human experience, is as bad as you think it is, when you are thinking about it. All this stories that you create about a negative occurrence, are just excuses to freeze you, to make you stay put and limited by this illusory stories. You are much more than the limits of your body and the mind controlling it. 

The point here is not to make your body or the mind controlling it, the enemy  that you have to defeat or blame for all the bad things in your life. Because if you want to do something you will find the way, if you don't want it, you will find a good excuse. The point here is for you to acknowledge that whatever happens in your life, it is okay, otherwise it wouldn't happen.

You gain nothing in excluding anything in your life, but you gain it all, when you accept whatever comes in your way. And this acceptance doesn't mean you stay put and do nothing, but it means that you deal with it all, learn from it, by doing whatever you can and rejecting none of it.

Whatever you push away without dealing with it, without learning whatever you have to learn, it will only give it more power over you and it will keep on coming, harder and harder, til you face it conveniently.

The good , the bad are all aspects of you, different faces of the same coin. You can't get ride of any of it, because you are all of it. There's light in contrast with darkness, there's good in contrast with bad and so on. Within this duality you will experience yourself fully. 

The secret for a good life ain't avoiding the bad stuff but to experience it all, learning from it all without attachment. Nothing in this human experience can diminish your essence. So just be present embracing whatever comes and be aware. Love what is for what it is, instead of wishing it to be something else.

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