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How to perfect your life

When you don't accept the present moment as it is you create a story of disconnection between you and life. But you are life, so you cannot be disconnected from it, from yourself. You can only believe that you are something apart from life, someone that life happens sometimes and others don't.

And if that is what happens to you right now, if you feel that life is harsh to you, that it is difficult to you, if you feel disconnected. I have something to say to you, it is okay. It is "normal" to feel like that. So stop being so demanding on yourself, stop the war against what you are feeling and wished not to feel.

The more you resist to what you are feeling, the more you'll have to deal with it. In so many different ways and it is so until you face it, deal with it and learn from it.If you feel overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. It is okay too. 

Start by accepting that you don't accept what you are feeling right now. That you wished it to be different. This is the first step within acceptance. Doing it you will open yourself up and realize how greater are your resources to deal with whatever may come into your way.

Acceptance is about everything, it makes no distinction between acceptable and not acceptable. Acceptance means embracing all as it is. It doesn't mean however to stay put, not doing nothing and waiting for things to be done by itself. No, acceptance means to be aware of what arises in you and around you,in all situations with detachment.

Whatever happens your essence already accepted it otherwise it would not happen. But as humans we don't have full knowledge and we judge things by contrast, and some of them we like and others not. Some are joyful others sad and so on. And it is supposed to be like that, it is a privilege of this human experience. To be able to experience this full range of emotions and sensations.

It is life, all of it. Just embrace it all, because all happens in you and not to you. Don't try to rationalize this, but experience it, deep within, you know this is true. Go and find out.
There is no big secret or holy goal to achieve, you already are perfect as you are. Not what you think you are, but as you really are, in essence. 

To realize all this just accept reality as it is with detachment now. And repeat, repeat, until it fades away when no longer is necessary to repeat again. Whenever you are ready it will be clear for you, as human, to experience it fully.

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