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Own your ego

Ego is this limited idea of self, this limited personality believing to live within a body and as you believe to be this personality, you will see yourself as separate from everything and everyone, you will see yourself as someone living a life, that sometimes it is good and other times it is not good. You feel at mercy of life.

No matter what you believe to be, no matter how attached to this personality you seem to be, it won't matter to your essence. Nothing can change your essence, no one can change it and you are it. This personality, the ego, occurs in your essence, but you are much more than it. 

Now it is time for you to realize that ego does not own you, it is in fact the other way around. You own ego. You are the unlimited space where ego unfolds its stories, its experiences of living a separate life. 

And ego acts as it is supposed to act, ego will defend its existence, will create problems for you to experience, will create several  goals for you to achieve, but its main drive is "search and do not find", it is what fuels its survival.

And it is okay, because ego is not your enemy, it acts upon its own nature, you can only experience this range of limited sensations from a limited point of view, from a body and its mind.

It is the degree of attachment to this limited idea that will increase or not, the intensity of your human experience. But we live in a era where it is available to you, to realize the truth about yourself and still seize equally this human experience.

As humans our level of awareness is now ready to see the truth without being too much afraid of it.

You can now realize that this personality you've believed to be is just a story, it is just thoughts about thoughts appearing within your consciousness. And in doing so, not loosing your mind in the process, because it is frightening to a personality deeply attached to this idea, to realize that it is not real as it thought it was.

Life, from the human point of view, can allow you to evolve ego until its ready to realize the truth or allow you to realize immediately the truth about yourself. It is a direct way to your essence. Either way it is okay, no harm done, whatever the choice may be.

As ego we cannot realize the truth in its all extent but only have glimpses of it. As essence we are it all, we are whole, so there is no need to understand whatsoever, all is okay within essence, not even within is a thing. Words are only pointers to what is, words cannot describe fully what is as it is.

Realize who is aware now, as you read this words, look for, who is aware. Not the sensations in your body, not the thoughts that appears, but the one aware of it all. Take your time, because time does not exist as you(ego) think it to be. Own your ego, own time and space, be open minded and you shall see the truth. There is no other option, you cannot not be what you really are.

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