segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2013

Go with the flow

The ego's game is "search and not find" and it adapts to your awareness level in order to keep control over what you think you are.
You believe to be this limited idea that inhabits a body and includes all thoughts that come to it. That appear within the mind. While you believe to be this thoughts, you are limiting yourself.
The body is just a tool to experience this human life and the mind is the software that allows to be aware of the experience.
But you are not the body nor the mind. You are the awareness space where it all happens. This limited idea allows awareness to be aware of itself.
Life to experience itself, as it is, perfect and unlimited, it can only be aware of itself by limiting itself in this tiny ideas appearing in a bodily form. 
This experiences, with its highs and lows, allows the awareness of life being lived. 
Each person are in itself a world, a universe projecting, in what it calls reality, what happens within. All happens first within and trough the heart we have a safe return ticket to our essence, our pure essence of love. 
Whatever occurs in this human life can't harm a beat of what is our essence. So it frees us to fully live each moment as it is. To play the ego's game and have fun with it, even in the low moments. 
The pursuit to be someone else different from who you are, is the same thing that stops you to realize how perfect you already are( in essence) living within this human form. Yes, being human means that you are not perfect, that is the point of all this. To experience imperfection trying to achieve perfection, using this limited life form. The goal is to enjoy the ride while trying to perfect yourself.
Life is simple, well balanced. Everything happens in the way we need it to happen, not the way we wish it to happen.Sometimes they may coincide, but other times won't. And it's okay.
Just be here now. Be the witness of all of it. Go with the flow.

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