segunda-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2013

Trying to control life

The most of what we consider problems comes from trying to control the way our life unfolds. But we cannot control how life is, we can control how we deal with life, with the assumptions we make about what we are and the way things happens in our life experience.

Whatever we think we are and everything else is, in reality that's not it. We are far from realizing the all truth, as humans we cannot grasp the whole, we cannot understand the full dimension of life and ens the full dimension of who we are.

And it is okay to be like that. In fact that's the point of this human experience, being limited by a body and a limited awareness of our true essence and within those limitations overcome them fully present to whatever comes, fully aware of life as it is. As we are, we are life, we are it. It ain't something that casually happens to us, but we are it.

Life is perfect as it is, we are perfect as we are. And no idea of limitation can reduce whatsoever what is our essence. We become more aware of that by embracing totally, moment by moment, what we are and what unfolds as life to us.

Life is as it is and not as we think it should be, because the one who is thinking is not aware of its true essence, of the truth about Self. In order to be aware of truth we just have to do less, much less and just get in touch with life as it is, go with the flow. 

Letting go control we will realize that was the idea of control that was stopping us to realize how perfect and simple everything is. What we can control is how we relate to life and all things within it. We just have to choose between being right or being happy.

 When we choose to be right we will have to struggle a lot with reality and loose every time we try it. Choosing to be happy, we choose to be as we are, to be fully connected with our essence, embracing the now. 

It's up to you to make your choices and whatever you choose it will be okay, because you can always choose again. 

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