quarta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2013

Live simply

Life is simple the perception you make of it tends to complicate it, but only in your mind. Nothing can change that which is perfect and unchangeable.

No matter what happens in your reality, you still as perfect as you were created in the first place. The thing is that what you think you are is not what you really are. You are much more than the limiting body and mind that controls it.

This "I" you think you are is just a thought, is a narrative created in the time line and you believe to be real. Look for it, can you see it anywhere this "I" you think you are. Look in the mirror, is it there to be seen. The body, yes you can see it, you even can feel it, touch it. But this "I" can you touch it?

This "I" is a thought that appears linked with other thoughts that are perceptions of what happens in reality. Yes, emotions are real, feelings are real, actions occur in this dimension, but there's no separate "I" doing it, those things happen for itself. Then comes the thought of an "I" linked to those things that happens.

For instance, when saying, "I" am feeling happy, in reality there's no one feeling happy, happiness is as it is. Only this "I" thought believes to own the experience of being happy. Without it, the limitations, that abides within this unlimited consciousness space, cease to exist.

But what to do now? Should we try to put off this "I" thought?

No, there's no need for it. You just have to realize that you're not it. Just be detached of it and enjoy the ride of this human experience as it is. Embracing whatever comes without feeling threatened  by it.

Live simply what is, love what is, go with the flow without expectation and fully open to what life brings, because you are life being aware of itself. It ain't something external to you, it is you.

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