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4Tips to allow change

As human beings change is a constant in our daily lives, but we are ever seeking to change even more, we are not satisfied with what we have, what we think we are, and we are always trying to find more and more. Even if we don't know what that more is, but we know we want it, we are eager for more, and that eagerness is what keeps us away from realizing that whatever we think we need to change, is in fact already perfect, it can not be more than what it is already, the only difference is that we don't really know what we are; it's this that we have to change the perception of our true nature, the perception that we have about our essence. And it can only happen in this present moment, in the now is the only time we can really know and experience what we really are. 

How to change:
1 Accept that you don't know
The "you" you think you are doesn't know what's the best for you, because that you is a limited idea, that is far away from your true essence, but it's not excluded from it, it's part of it, but not all of it.

2 Trust Life to guide you
Life is ever present to guide you, to give you all that you may need in each moment to wake up from the illusion that you create, be you willing for it.

3 Change happens for itself
Real change occurs for itself when you're ready for it, because if the change that you need could do more harm than good to you it won't occur, until you can handle with it.

4 You know when you're ready
When you're ready whatever have to happen will happen, because in fact it has yet occurred, it's your awareness of it that need to change, not it for itself. 

 To summarize there's nothing you really need to change, there's nothing you need period, your essence is perfect as it is, life is perfect as it is, you are life, be it, be here now to seize it.

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