quinta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2013

Owning the moment

It is time for you to own your life back and you accomplish that by owning this moment, owning the now. And that doesn't mean that you have to control your life, it's quite the opposite, it means that you let go the need for control, the need to understand what happens in your life. 

It's the let go of the attachment of the limited idea of you, that idea of a body and all the stories that it collected along the way, all those stories are illusions, are just excuses of the ego to keep your attention away from the truth, from your true essence.

And it's ok, the ego ain't your enemy, it has the power that you allow it to have. but it can't change whatsoever your essence. You are perfect as you are and there's nothing you need to change or improve in order to be as you already are, this pure presence of love.

What keeps you away from your true essence is the belief that you are limited, that you are wrong in some way, and that you need to change to be a better person. This limited idea makes you believe that you are incomplete and that you have to search for what's been messing; being this search that diverts your attention from your essence and realizing that you are already what you've been looking for.

When you decide to own your life every need that you think you could have stops and you free yourself and the world from the illusion of scarcity and of separation.

All is here right now, the truth about your Self is here at this moment, you don't have to do some long process of evolution to realize that, you don't have to suffer a lot first in order to realize the truth about who you really are. The truth is as it is and you can choose to be aware of it right now if you're willing to detach of that limited idea of yourself. 

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