quarta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2013

You are just an idea

The you you think you are is just an idea, a limited idea, conditioned by a body and a mind that controls it. Since your childhood you've been feeding this habit of personality that you attached to yourself. 
This personality is just a collection of stories that you created about yourself but are not yourself, this stories happen within your consciousness, you are the one aware of them, but they don't limit you, unless you allow it so. 
You are life happening, there's no one living life, life is as it is, the one you think you are, when believing to be this limited personality, sees himself as a victim of life, he sees himself as helpless engaging with what happens in his reality. 
Being aware of your true essence, you observe, you witness all this things appearing and going, being you the only thing that is permanent. 
Let ideas come and go, be aware but don't attach to them, whatever happens in this human experience it's okay to happen, it's all life occurring in all its different manifestation, being none better or worst than the other.
You live only in the now, in this present moment, just be here, aware of this pure love, this pure presence of peace that you are, welcoming whatever comes to your awareness. 

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